Greaves In Need Of Support

Greaves In Need Of Support Greaves who is scoring good points for reigning Champions Wolverhampton Wolves in the Premiership and for Ipswich Witches in the Championship wrote off a bike in a heavy fall at Ipswich on Thursday night.
The youngster who funds his own racing is looking at a hefty repair bill to put the damage right and is seeking the help off companies in either the Ipswich or Wolverhampton areas .
He said: "I had a big one on Thursday night and the bike is a complete wreck and is going to cost a fair bit to put right.
"I would be so grateful if there are any companies out there who could possibly help in any way with the repairs.
"Speedway is my passion and I'm going well this season and making real progress. I feel as though I'm starting to make a name for myself but this crash is a real downer on my season."
Anyone wishing to help Nathan can contact him at